Music is very important to people, without it life is boring and silent. We do have a choice in what kind of music we choose to listen. Some music are not pleasing to hear while other music makes you want to listen again and again. It is always nice to listen to music, as it makes you calm and relax. Music is played by making sounds from different musical instrument. From these instrument you would learn that music  differes from the beat and tone and how a music is delivered well. Music brings you to places you have never n=been before as what it brings. Music brings message that words and beat works together to deliver the message properly.

As for the music genres there are a wide variety to choose from. As what people music is for entertainment and how to entertain people is what makes the music differes from the other.

As to what these differences are, take a look at the following types below :

  1. Classical Music – these are the opera, Gregorian chant, symphony, madrigals and chamber music. These are the music which brings you to the time of Beethoven and Mozart. This is most common to baby as this kind of music will heighten the brain level of babies from cognitive and motor skills are developed.
  2. Blues Music- These are Chicago blues, delta blues, jump blues and Piedmont blues and east coast blues. These are jmusic which soothes and calms your mind.
  3. Country Music – most of these music came from the southpeople in the rural areas. The music is combined in playing the fiddles, banjoes, electric guitars and acoustic. The famous types of country music are the country rock, alternative country, traditional country music, contemporary country and early country or the mountain music.
  4. BandPeople-cropJazz music – this is a mix of African and European music cleary heard on the swing note and polyrythms combined. Famous types of rythms are Chicago style, fusion jazz, new Orleans and Bebop.
  5. Electronic Music – this is a synthetic kind of music wherein it is created and done by electronics and not the acoustic instruments. A mixture of electronic sounds , with speed tapes and microphones and other normal recorded sound with the right speed upbeat. Famous types are techno, electronic rock, hard dance, Eurodance, post-disco and industrial music.
  6. Latin Music – mainly from the land of latin America and from Europe and spain. The music has a combination and defines the music styles, geography, background or culture of the singer and language are mixed in this music to give meaning to a Latin music. Famous types are salsa, merengue and tango. Altin music makes you want to dance.
  7. Metal music- a very powerful and hard banging use of instruments. They make hard and tough kind of music. The language used are mainly strong and provocative and very controversial issues that are tackled. Most famous types are Hardcore, death metal, funk metal, thrash metal and gothic.
  8. Pop Music – these are the music that attracts people by which evolves its music from rock and roll. This is not so hard and not so spft that is why it is in the middle of the rock music.
  9. Rap Music – mostly derived and created by African americans and popular among all kinds of ages and background dof people. These are not sung but spoken with meaning that it has  natural rhythm of it own and beat as well.

Most common types are the gangsta rap, alternative, crunk and political rap.

  1. Reggae –music from Jamaica is a style of steady slow rock. Most common types are Niyabingi, roots, lovers rock, dub, conscious dancehall and dub poetry

These different kinds of music will make you choose which is the best one that suits your style. As each music has some message and represents its own origin. As music is created there are always stories why these are created.  That is why music is a way of soothing your soul from the beats and rhythm of each kind.

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